Saturday, July 11, 2009

Men Of Leisure

With two parts wordsmith one part dj genius it's impossible for anyone not to enjoy the three man party crew "Men Of Leisure". Comprised of lyricists Adam "Snakebird" Garcia (The Pressure) and Damien "Espada" Vasquez (Wants V. Needs/Fighting Mondays) and their DJ, "rocker" Mike "the 2600 King" Davis (Burlesque/RSE Radio) "Men Of Leisure" is the School House Rocks for party making. They may not be able to tell you how a bill becomes a law (they can) but they'll definitely put some conjunction in your function! Their music is packed with catchy hooks and lyrics with just enough call and response to keep you involved but not to distract. Not only will they make you dance and get you involved but they'll also crack a few jokes along the way. Nothing about the Men Of Leisure is simply just about "listening to music", it's an entire experience so be sure to grab their EP "Men Of Leisure" free after the jump!!!

Jake Schaefer
Rhymesayers Entertainment

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