Monday, October 5, 2009


So we at Vs. Social Standard were the first...well only... ones in town to offer you APC's denim line. We've had the line since the inception of our shop back in 2007. Initially, our customer base was unfamiliar to the line. However, as they have withstood the test of time and wear (All the homies who ride have worked the jeans to the bone) it has proven itself to be a resilient yet simltaneously presentable jean. As the demand for the the line has grown internationally (including a collobrative piece with Supreme) the following for it here in the Twin Cities has grown dramatically. Lately it seems that its branded itself as a premier denim line in our city. It has marked itself classic denim line (hence one of the silhouettes being named "the standard") as people have returned to the product once their intial pairs have worn out. Much akin to the Levi's which started out as a workwear line and has built itself into a timeless staple APC has infiltrated the wardrobes of the fashionably sensed (but not overly fashionable) crowd as the new staple. However, a new player has enetered the market. Do not take this the wrong way. We have and will continue to offer APC's but a new line has energed from the chaos and it is... Naked and Famous.

Naked and Famous is a denimcentric line started by Brandon Svarc. It pays very much attention to the "process". This has shown through my conversations with him about denim and its processes of the looming and dying and finishing stages. They are 100% sweatshop free. For the raw textiles they use Hand Loomed Japanese Selvedge Denim from one of the country's finest mills. They offer sanforized denim, as APC's denims are so well known for, as well as 7 other types of Selvedge denim. They have developed a new type of Selvedge which incorporates a 30% blend of silk for a fine look. They also have a fine offering of shirts and suits which have some of the nicest cuts that I have seen in a while.


Sllim guy Broken Twill Selvedge


Slim Guy Broken Twill Selvedge


Weird Guys Deep Indigo Selvedge


Weird Guys Deep Indigo Selvedge


Skinny Guy Black Power Stretch


Skinny Guy Black Power Stretch


Grey Shirt


Whoaaaa!!!!!! I'm getting that for ME!

We also had a visit from the nation sales manager of Van's and it appears that we will soon be offering the Cali Classic line from ya!!!!!


Here's a pair I found online of the Weird Guys Deep Indigo at 7 months pre-wash.

Check em out......WHOA!!!!!!




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