Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Soundtracks

First and foremost RIP Grandmaster Roc Raida. He was one of my DJ heroes and truly an inspiration for thousands. It's tragic when such talented people pass away at such a young age. If you're not familiar with his work and contributions to the DJ community click here 

Friday night was cracking. Big thanks to all who came out for the fourth installment of Wants Vs. Needs and the after party. The people really make the party so if you came out and danced and got down then we definitely appreciate your support. We'll be putting up photos in a a day or two on the blog and flickr.

Today's Sunday afternoon soundtrack selection is the Dangermouse Remix of Zero 7's "Somersault" ft MF Doom. 

Last night I DJ'd  live on RSE Radio - Click here to listen the show and check out the set list

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