Friday, June 12, 2009

A prime example of "Wants Vs Needs."

So the debut of Wants Vs Needs is a week away and earlier today I was out putting up some 11 x 17 posters around town. Naturally Familia Skateshop is a great place to hang one up plus Tucker is good peoples and down for the cause. While at the store what do I spy?... A beautiful pair of Vans half cabs. Anybody who knows me knows I have a serious shoe addiction and the colorway of grays, black and red is comparable to crack since it reminds me of the Jordan III's. Well I don't NEED them but damn they'd look good with the shirts we're giving away in a week. The WANTS won this round.

If you're out and about in MPLS this weekend I'll be DJing Friday and Saturday night at the Imperial Room playing some club joints and of course the classics. Here's one of my summertime favorites Grand Puba's song "I like it"

1 comment:

  1. infrareds bro... am90 infrareds... :)
    or jordan VI :)