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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thanks again.

We kept a single shot of Jameson on the side all night in honor of the friends who weren't able to make it and were missed.

Mas fotografia.

I love only being able to upload 5 photos at at a time. Thanks blogspot!

More Photos.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yes Yes Y'all

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported/partied last night. We had a mega-fun time and are pretty sure most people in attendance did too. The shirts are long gone but Espada and 
I still have a handful CDs so if you really NEED one then hit us up. I'll be posting flicks of the event as soon as they get loaded onto my computer but here I am at work sans the proper cord to upload the photos. Keep checking the blog for info on the next installment of Wants Vs Needs.

Lollapalooza Remix Contest!!

I was selected to do this remix comp for Dell and Lollapalooza! Please help me out and vote for me and my remix to Holy Ghost! - Hold On. Thanks!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Espada's Track List

With love!!!
Coati Mundi - Que Pasa / Me No Pop I
Ghostface Killah - Charlie Brown (DJ Mehdi Remix feat. Mapei)
Rye Rye & M.I.A. - Tic Toc
Mr. Oizo - Jo
Alan Parsons Project - ...Be Like You (The Twelves Re-Edit)
Marcus Miller & DAFT PUNK - My Best Friends Technology (Espada mash up)
Torpedo Bootz - Torpedologic
Fourtet - A Joy
Har Mar Superstar
LL Cool J & Buddy Holly - Everyday Cali. (Espada mash up)
Twizzle - Skydiving (Greenmoney Remix)
Numéro - Star Modèle (Le Matos Poindexter Remix)
Wiley - Summertime (Crookers Remix)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Bournemouth
Alexander Technique feat. Princess Superstar - Rock U (Blogula Main Mix)
Katy Perry feat. Yelle - Hot 'N' Cold (Yelle Remix)
Def Jef -
Droppin' Rhymes on Drums (DJ Mehdi Remix)

Download it here.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They're Here...

The CDs are back from Copycats and will be free on Friday night so get there early. Here's the track list for my mix:

Wants Vs Needs Intro-Anton
Hot(I Need To Be Loved, Loved, Loved)-James Brown
Cherzchez LaGhost-Ghostface Killah
Party and Bullshit(Ratatat remix)-Notorious B.I.G.
Blow The Whistle(b.cause hermanos edit)-Too $hort
Go!(King Most Remix)-Common
Be Thankful For What You Got(DJ Day re-edit)-William DeVaughn
Walking Into The Sunshine(Larry Levan mix)-Central Line
Hold On-Holy Ghost!
The Eraser(XXXChange mix)-Thom Yorke
Sex Shooter-Apollonia 6
Lights & Music(Boys Noize remix)-Cut Copy
You're Gonna Need Me-Dionne Warwick

So Gold x Twitter!

Yeah, finally did this after numerous people have asked me in the past two weeks if i was on there or not! So, if you want to read about random shit and updates from here and there then hit me @

So Gold @ Twitter

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Shirts are almost ready!

Got a bunch of the pre-print ish done today, tomorrow it's on.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh and if you get a chance, please go to this...


Unfortunately, I will not be in attendance at the debut Wants Vs Needs but do wish everybody a gooooooooood time.  I do hope that my guy pictured above will get some love from the Wants VS Needs deejay staff but I'm not holding my breath.  Maybe at the 2nd installment of Wants VS Needs will feature some choice cuts from the "Moz."

Your Guy,


Friday, June 12, 2009

Mariah Carey x So Gold

Its been about a year since this remix hit the music sites/blogs! This was my second release/remix that had got me some notice from here in the states to people in New Zeland and the UK. So, heres to my year anniversary for this and its completely FREE!

A prime example of "Wants Vs Needs."

So the debut of Wants Vs Needs is a week away and earlier today I was out putting up some 11 x 17 posters around town. Naturally Familia Skateshop is a great place to hang one up plus Tucker is good peoples and down for the cause. While at the store what do I spy?... A beautiful pair of Vans half cabs. Anybody who knows me knows I have a serious shoe addiction and the colorway of grays, black and red is comparable to crack since it reminds me of the Jordan III's. Well I don't NEED them but damn they'd look good with the shirts we're giving away in a week. The WANTS won this round.

If you're out and about in MPLS this weekend I'll be DJing Friday and Saturday night at the Imperial Room playing some club joints and of course the classics. Here's one of my summertime favorites Grand Puba's song "I like it"

Posters for a good cause

Your boy recently designed/printed a poster for Sweet Hair, a show opening this Saturday from 7 - 10 at the Art Minion Gallery in NE Minneapolis. Not only is there going to be some top notch art for sale, but a portion of all the proceeds from the show will be going to benefit Locks of Love. Music will be provided by Rambo Salinas of Hotpants fame, and DJ Talk Radio.

Special thanks to the good folks at Burlesque Design for allowing the use of their space and equipment in the creation of my poster.

For more info on the show visit The Sweet Hair Poster Show.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bootleg Son!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting Cryphy

Some pics from last weeks Get Cryphy of
Mr. Gold and other members of the crew can be found here. Peep.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lifelike - The Soul Of My Love (So Gold No Vox Edit)

Heres one of my newest edits/refixes that I recently gave out to a few djs and forums in the past

The original tune is by Lifelike, the Parisian producer who has had nothing but good things come from him and also being friends with Daft Punk isnt bad either. My edit is basically summed up into Disco/Funk House with a touch of that Club sound to make ya neck jerk a bit.

Enjoy and look out for more in the next couple of weeks!